Electric Fireplaces

If you live in an environment where it just isn’t possible to install a chimney pipe, but, you want to have the charm, light and ambiance that only a fire can provide, then why not opt for an electric free standing stove or fireplace? Gone are the days of a light bulb shining through a piece of orange plastic and a drawing of a log. The current models from industry innovators like Fireplace Xtrordinair, Dimplex, SimpliFire, Amantii and Modern Flame will make you not only look twice, but, think twice about electric stoves and fireplaces. Realistic looking flames and flame pattern, media options to rival their gas cousins including rocks, glass, sand and of course wood compliment the larger fireboxes and larger glass viewing areas. Dimplex offers the award winning Optimist which will have you looking to see where the real flames are. The electric stoves and fireplaces are 100% efficient, produce no harmful exhaust or moisture, can be installed anywhere you can make them fit and only need an outlet. You can use them as a heat source to help take the chill off small areas like offices, sunrooms and bedrooms. Luxury yacht manufacturers are installing them and they can be found in resorts around the globe, so come on in and see what you’re missing!