We are proud to offer Jacuzzi brand spas, after all, no one has been building hot tubs longer. Beautiful and luxurious features, incredible comfort, optimal massage and the cleanest and healthiest water possible are all yours with a Jacuzzi hot tub. We offer 3 categories of Jacuzzi hot tubs so no matter what your budget is, everyone can enjoy the benefits of a Jacuzzi.

Under the strong 3 layer acrylic shell the plumbing is precisely matched to the power of the jet pumps. The number and size of the jets can be customized to maximize hydrotherapy and relaxation. Jacuzzis are also protected by an energy efficient foam insulation to help keep your electrical costs down. Made from mostly recycled materials, a Jacuzzi hot tub is the most environmentally safe and green hot tub in the world with the factory installed ClearRay sanitation system. 99.9% of all water born pathogens are killed when they pass through the ClearRay system. All you need is a small amount of chlorine in conjunction with ClearRay to ensure the water you and your family are bathing in is clean and healthy enough that you can water your garden and lawn with it during your annual drain and cleaning. So step into your new Jacuzzi, turn on the J1000 sound system, LED lights and the pumps and enjoy your little corner of paradise. Olympia Fireplace & Spa can help answer all of your questions and can help you pick out which design will fit your needs perfectly.