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chehalis-storefrontEvery employee here Olympia Fireplace & Spa is proud of our customer service reputation. Our name may say we’re in the fireplace and spa business, but our hearts remind us that we are in the customer service business. Without our customers we wouldn’t be here, and everyone from the President of the company to the service helpers knows this. Which is why we will commit to you to do everything in our power to take care of you promptly, with courtesy and respect and to treat everyone equally whether you buy 500 fireplaces from us or a simple firebrick. We thank you and appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

What We Do

We may want to preview or “Go See” the job so we can familiarize ourselves with the scope of work necessary. Don’t be surprised to see the same person you purchased the product from show up for the “Go See” since our sales staff are not only factory trained, but, all have been in the industry for many years and are prepared to answer all of you or your builder’s questions at the project site.

Part of great customer service is making sure that the product you purchase works as it is designed. Product operation, and in some cases the warranty, depends on whether or not it is installed properly. Each of our trained installation crews are led by employees who have over 20 years experience installing our products! No other hearth and patio company can say that. We will make sure that your brand new appliance is installed to manufacturer’s specifications, will meet building codes and satisfy insurance requirements. This will be done in a timely, safe and courteous manner and we will respect your project site whether it’s new construction or a retrofit into an existing home. We work clean, use drop cloths and footwear protection and clean up when we are done. If you think about it, it’s pretty daunting to try and convince someone that you’re going to cut a hole in their roof, put a chimney through it and it’s not going to leak. We tell people that everyday and have been since 1976 and we will stand behind it!

Since we perform all of our own labor we can eliminate the hassle of scheduling and relying on other people to complete an installation. Other home and patio stores use one contractor for installation and yet another one for the gas plumbing. We do our own mechanical work from running the lines to pressure testing for potential leaks so we can be sure that the installation will meet all safety standards and will not delay any other portion of the project schedule. We use the best equipment available for your safety where most companies will buy an inferior product, which can be more susceptible to gas leaks or interfere with the overall fit and finish, in order to make more profit. We will even pull the necessary permits to ensure that everything is installed safely and to code. Quite a few so called Home and Patio companies won’t even bring up the word “permit” or they will immediately try and change the subject when it’s brought up and that’s because they don’t want anyone coming in behind them and checking their work.

All of our service employees are experts in their field, are factory trained and certified to work on all the equipment we offer. Our service staff will make every attempt at showing up promptly to our scheduled appointments with a clean and neat appearance. We will respect your home and wear protective booties over our work shoes to protect your flooring material, as well as, lay drop cloths to protect furniture when necessary. We service everything we sell, fireplaces or patio equipment so if it’s not working correctly please call us for immediate service, or click here and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Olympia Fireplace & Spa is famous for standing behind every product we sell and install. Most of the products we feature are built or final assembled right here in the US so almost everything we offer comes with a lifetime warranty. If anything we’ve installed for you is faulty or has a manufactured defect then a lot of times it is covered by the factory and we will take care of you by honoring what the manufacturer has put in writing. Many of the warranty opportunities also cover the labor necessary to swap out a defective part too so usually all that leaves is the service call to the home, if applicable. Please contact us with any questions you may have if you believe that you have a defective item.

A feature Olympia Fireplace & Spa exclusively offers as a way to say “Thank You!” to our customers is to perform free water testing in order to help you keep the water in your pool or spa healthy and crystal clear. This service is performed in both of our Thurston and Lewis County locations and takes all the guesswork out of reading color swatches on test strips. You should know how to test your water and interpret your water test to know what to do to adjust your water chemistry. If you don’t want to take the time and happen to be in the neighborhood, stop on in and let us do it for you. One of our service professionals can test your water and tell you what you need to do (if anything) to get your water into great shape and how to keep it there.

Would you buy a car without driving it first? Or a home without looking at it? We wouldn’t expect you to make a large investment like a therapeutic spa or hot tub without trying it out either. Sure we have models in each of our 2 showrooms that you can climb in, around and on just like everyone else. However, not everyone has functional models powered up with hot hot water and working jet pumps on the showroom floor so you can get in and try before you buy! You need to sit in one of our top off the line hot tubs and feel how you can actually sit in a therapy seat and benefit from the massage jets rather than suffer from the piercing pain produced by mismatched plumbing size and jet counts. How soothing it feels to submerge your body and relax without weight on your joints and more importantly, how you and yours fit in a spa. We have changing rooms so that you don’t have to be shy and worry about other customers while you change into your bathing suit. Call or click here to schedule your test soak at either of our 2 locations!

Jim Lukins

“Yesterday Derrick came to to clean and fix our gas stove that we purchased in 1999. I just wanted to let you know that he was an excellent representative from your company. He was great. He did the job, was very concerned about getting our place dirty, etc. I was in customer support at Boeing for 35 years so I know and appreciate good service. Please give Derrick our thanks and please send him to us the next time we call for service.”

Jim Lukins