Wood Fireplaces

Wood burning zero clearance fireplaces are an easy way to add beauty, warmth and value to your home. They are commonly offered in two varieties, open burning decorative fireplaces and highly efficient EPA certified units designed to operate similar to wood stoves. Zero clearance fireplaces are designed to be installed into combustible framing and are primarily used in new construction, therefore, there is some planning involved. Do you want a fireplace that has a blower in it? How about a smooth face one so you can stack stone all the way up to the door opening? Is it only going to be used on occasion for ambiance, or will it serve as the primary heat source for the home during an EPA burn ban or power outage?

These and many other important questions can be answered by speaking to one of our sales professionals at either of our two locations. We feature the very best wood zero clearance fireplaces from leading manufacturers Fireplace Xtrordinair, Heat N Glo, Quadrafire and Lennox Hearth Products so you can choose from a wide variety in order to fit perfectly into your home or current project.


Heat N Glo 

Fireplace Xtrordinaire