Wood Stoves

Wood heat, there’s nothing like it. A nice dry, intense type of heat that heats you to your core. Cord wood is also the fastest renewable resource and as eco-friendly green as it gets. The current wood burning stoves available for purchase from Olympia Fireplace & Spa are all Washington State EPA approved, which means they are the cleanest and most efficient solid fuel burning stoves available in the world!

An EPA certified wood stove can augment your current heat pump or furnace, or reduce your electric bill by replacing your old baseboard or fan style wall heaters. With models from the best manufacturers in either cast iron or steel, you will be able to find the perfect size for whatever space you’re trying to heat. Does your existing stove meet EPA regulations so you can use it during a burn ban or when the power is out? Let one of our experts help answer your questions. Our goal is to make you as informed and as comfortable as you can be in order to make your decision.

Blaze King



Heatilator EcoChoice



Heatilator EcoChoice