Hot Tub Buyer’s Guide

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“We make it easy to own a spa…”


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Swirling hot water has been used to relax, detoxify, rehabilitate and also to entertain for hundreds of years but only if you were near natural hot springs. Since then technology has allowed us to be able to take the benefits of those natural wonders and enclose them in a portable environment so that they can be enjoyed virtually anywhere and with the ease of just pressing a button. Every one of our factory trained spa experts at Olympia Fireplace & Spa are committed to making your buying experience of a hot tub as easy and rewarding as it should be. Since we handle all of the operations in-house, the level of customer service and attention to detail are what you would expect. Both of our locations in Downtown Olympia and in Chehalis offer 8 display spas each, some with water in them so that you can try before you buy. Call now and schedule your test soak!

A hot tub is a pretty big investment for most people and everyone where at Olympia Fireplace & Spa couldn’t agree more. That’s why we offer the best spas in the industry from Jacuzzi and Sundance Spas. How do you know which tub is right? How many people are you going to be enjoying the spa with, is it just for you and a significant other, or a large family of 8? Where is it going to be placed, on a deck or on a patio? What about the electrical supply? Both Sundance Spas and Jacuzzi Hot Tubs offer various models in different shapes and sizes to accommodate whatever your needs are. Small tubs for just you and large tubs for up to 8, tubs that simply plug into a dedicated wall outlet and some that are very easily hard wired to your house panel by your electrician. It is very important that no matter what size spa you choose, plan on having it sit on a hard, flat surface with minimal drainage. Concrete is preferred by the manufacturers, however, spas can be easily supported by an arrangement of pavers, a wooden deck designed to support 150 pounds per square foot, or even a ready made spa pad constructed from durable ABS plastic available from us for ease and convenience.

We make it easy to own a spa. Our manufacturers utilize the best water filtration available and pair that with the patented ClearRay(tm) technology to help with sanitation, your family will never sit in dirty water. Since we deliver and stand behind our spas with our very own screened employees, you can be confident that not only are you getting the best built spa in the world, but, also the very best possible hands on service too. Our factory trained experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have so if you haven’t already, please stop on by, pick your colors and let us do the hard work for you. If you would like to feel the therapeutic hydrotherapy for yourself, then why not schedule a test soak at either one of our two locations free of charge. If you need help figuring out placement then maybe an in home consultation would help you.

Now, explore your options from the best built spas in the world by Sundance Spas and Jacuzzi.